Twitter happy?

[Original post 8.27.08]

Do you twitter? And I don’t mean chirp in unison with your feathered friends outside your window each morning.

Twittering provides the opportunity to stay connected with friends, family, co–workers, and customers through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Twittering is a topic you might want to learn more about. Largely, because as writers with busy lives, sometimes getting a chapter in each night isn’t feasible.

Twittering or blogging, or messing with your Facebook or LinkedIn pages, all provide a different sort of writing opportunity for the person who wants to connect to their writing passion each day.

Now I don’t twitter, not yet. Partially, as critics astutely voice, I’m not sure I want everyone knowing what I am doing on a regular basis. But eventually I will, because I want to some how stay connected to this burgeoning, crazy Web 2.0 world.

So I am behind the game on this one, but many others online are ahead of the game. Some posts to check out if you are more risk averse include this post by Steve Olson, who has made it easy on us by providing the links to Blogs worth reading.  For an example of a Twitter feed check out Robert Scoble’s feed. To sign up and get started twittering, join at

So, in the spirit of twittering, here is “what am I doing now”:

I’m fighting the urge to start twittering tonight (looking for a distraction).

I’m fighting the urge to go to bed and forget the work project I brought home (sigh). 

I’m drinking juice and hoping for a better world; hoping that the Twin’s beat the Mariners; that the rain waters the shady parts of the garden; wondering about whether Bill Clinton really advanced America like Biden said tonight or whether McCain will jump party lines for a VP; and gritting my teeth about whether I will find a contractor to finish the trim on my back door.

How about you?

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